Just got back from a Full Moon Ritual

It was nice.  I decided I wanted to get in contact with Opèksipu (Lenape: “White River”), the river that runs thru my town.  I set up on the bank and did the usual Draw-The-Circle/Summon the four elements/call the Gods bit, before invoking Opèksipu and trying with utter lack of success to keep a candle lit for zeir.  (The wind was rather strong. :P )  But it lasted long enough for me to ask the God and the Goddess to help purify the river, which has grown dirty from runoff and humankind’s epic failures to respect nature.

Meditated a bit, seeking Opèksipu.  Eventually ze appeared (in my mind, in spirit, other vague things on the border between this world and reality)  as a (horridly stereotypical looking because I’m a bad person) young indigenous woman and held my hands, then pulled me over to a spot down the bank overlooking the river.  Somewhere along the way ze became a muscular (and also horridly stereotypical looking, see above re: bad person) warrior looking person.  Ze pointed across the river and I saw flashes of it thru time.  The far past, recent past, the present, the future.  It was more or less unchanged.  A bit higher, a bit lower, but never nonexistant.  It reminded me that no matter how horrid people are to our planet, it can and will outlast us and restore itself after we’ve gone.  

A train’s horn in the distance started pulling me back, so I thanked the elements and gods and opened the circle, packed up and left.  Oh, but I took pictures because there aren’t enough pictures of pagan/witchy things on the internet.  

Blessed Be everyone.  

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